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Hulu Selangor


Lot 2668, Kampong Kuala Perdik Jalan Ulu Lui
Batu 18
Hulu Langat
43100, Selangor
Tel: 6012271 6262 6012 2787722
Price: Affordable
Religious Places
Internet: Unavailable


Uluhati is a farm located in the hills of Ulu Langat, Selangor, about an hour’s drive from the heart of Kuala Lumpur. The word farm conjures different meanings to different people because there are many different types of farm. In the case of Uluhati the meaning can be quite unique because what we do here at Uluhati is different from most farms.

Beginning from a fruit orchard some twenty five years ago Uluhati has evolved into a site of multiple activities which has made it a place of interest to visitors of all ages, backgrounds and needs.

Today at Uluhati, whilst we still have the fruit trees, altogether about 100 trees of durians, mangosteen, rambutans,etc, Uluhati also has a collection of farm animals for our own consumption and sale to the public. These would include range or kampong chicken, range turkeys, guinea fowls, kampong goats and deer. There are also several fish ponds fed by spring water producing high quality tilapia and catfish.

In addition to the above animals Uluhati also has several horses and ponies. They began as leisure animals for the owners but have since developed into casual rides and lessons for interested visitors.

Uluhati also provide accommodation for staying guests. Built almost entirely out of jungle materials and in the style of the longhouses of East Malaysia, the Uluhati Lodge provides a unique farm stay experience.

All of the above activities take place within a 2.8 acre site. Many visitors are surprised at what can be done in such a small place. As in anything else the operative words are organization and management. We believe that a farm need not be unsightly and smelly. With good farm management practices it can be a pleasant place to stay and visit.

So what can visitors do at Uluhati. The list begins from the simple educational farm tour for both children and adults to family and corporate events of various sizes and complexities. Todate Uluhati has had the pleasure of hosting the following activities for families and corporates,

-         fruit parties (during fruit season, of course)
-         corporate family days
-         birthday parties
-         horse camps
-         wedding shoots
-         photo shoots

Apart from in-situ activities Uluhati also organizes off-site visits and activities. These would include visits to nearby farms of interesting activities (different from what we have) and for the adventurous, outdoor activities like jungle trekking, camping, mountain climbing, fishing trips and river rafting. Ulu Langat provide the perfect setting for many types of outdoor activities.

A bit on the operator. Uluhati is owner managed. The entire farm and its activities are managed by the owner and his family, hence the passion for excellence.

The owner, Shaipudin Shah Harun was a banker for 25 years having worked for Deutsche Bank (M) Bhd and Citibank Bhd. From banking he went into the transportation industry where he was the Chief Executive Officer of Syarikat Prasarana Negara Berhad (SPNB). In 2008, tired of the concrete jungle, he resigned from SPNB, moved to the real jungle and became a farmer, also a part-time carpenter, wireman, plumber and veterinarian.

The Missus, Riznida Eliza Hamzah was a corporate lawyer for 15 years both as an in-house (Time Telco, Prasarana) and a practicing lawyer. Today apart from co-running the farm, Eliza runs her own practice from the farm, which provides the opportunity to bring professional legal services to the countryside. She also doubles as assistant carpenter, assistant wirewoman, assistant plumber and assistant veterinarian.

Our guests have asked us why “ULUHATI”. In Bahasa Malaysia “ulu” means the beginnings, the start or the source, whilst “hati” means the heart. Roughly translated we would say “wellspring of the heart”. This is the spirit we endeavor to capture in everything we do for our guests and ourselves.

The following rates and charges will apply until further notice.


RM150-00 per room with breakfast for upto 3 people

The maximum number of guests allowed per room is 3 pax, children below 2 years old excluded

RM15-00 per head.

Tents can be provided by us or brought by the guests.

Campfire - RM50-00


RM50-00 per hour

MEALS (all prices on per pax basis)

The is a family run establishment, the family being only the wife and the husband. Hence we provide meals only for a minimum of 10 pax. with at least a week's notice.

Breakfast (mixed buffet) - RM9-00
Mid-morning Tea - RM5-00
Lunch (local kampong fare) - RM18-00
Afternoon Tea - RM7-00
Dinner (local kampong fare) - RM18-00
Barbeque - RM35

Children between 2 years and 12 years : 50% of the above meal rates
Children below 2 years old : gratis



Traditional Malay dance performance : RM500-00
Traditional Malay martial arts performance : RM500-00
Traditional Malay drum troupe : RM650-00

Aboriginal Cultural performance : RM1100
Aboriginal hunting craft demonstration : RM130-00
Aboriginal environmental food demonstration : RM130-00
Aboriginal environmental medicine demonstration : RM130-00
Blowpipe demonstration : RM130-00

Above prices are on per performance/demonstration  basis. Hence the higher the number of audience the lower will be the cost per pax.

Average duration of each performance/demonstration is about 30 minutes

OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES (all prices on per pax basis)

Fishing : RM20-00, excluding catch
Jungle trekking (2 hours) : RM30-00
Mountain climbing (one day and a half) : RM90-00 (meals included)
bamboo rafting (2 hours with aboriginal raft guide) : RM145-00

Prices do not include transportation charges

SOCIO-ECONOMIC TOUR (all prices on per pax basis)
visit to mushroom farm : RM10-00
visit to goat farm : RM10-00
visit to rubber estate : RM10-00
visit to local tradional confectionary : 10-00
bicycle tour around traditional village : RM10-00

Prices do not include transportation charges.

As Uluhati also caters for other special or specific events,e.g. family days, fruit fest, horsecamp,  team building, etc, pricing for these occasions will depend on specific needs of the guests. Hence we will only be able to quote prices after finalizing the details with the guests.

For booking and payments please refer to our respective page.

More Information visit Uluhati

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