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Shah Alam

Gardenia opens new factory

SHAH ALAM: Gardenia Bakeries (KL) Sdn Bhd launched its fifth factory in Selangor last Friday in a bid to improve bread production.

Currently, Gardenia factories produce 200,000 loaves of bread and 240,000 pieces of waffles daily, in each plan, with the latest machinery and expertise fom various countries including Italy, Germany and Holland.

Beside baking, Gardenia also welcomes some 25,000 visitors to its factories annually.

“We get at least 10 visits a week at our factories and we are already fully booked until December. We hope this new plant will allow us to cater to more visits soon,” said Gardenia Group senior marketing manager Hazlinah Harun.

She explained the site visits were educational and informative for students, and they can learn the bread-making process and the hard work put in to produce a loaf of bread.

With about 35 workers in each production line, for every eight-hour shift, the new factory produces 8,000 loaves of bread in an hour.

Apart from the normal loaf, Gardenia also produces buns, rolls, snack cakes, waffles and bread spreads like kaya.

“We distribute to over 23,000 outlets nationwide, 365 days a year, seven days a week using about 700 vans and trucks,” said Gardenia Group general manager Koh Chin Huat.

He said they also export some of the breads to a few outlets in Singapore and they work hard to monitor the delivery trucks to ensure the breads arrive on time everyday.

Recently, Gardenia was also presented with the State Investors Appreciation Award by the Selangor State Investment Centre (SSIC).

SSIC is the state’s one-stop investment centre to help guide investors whether to start a new business or expand existing ones.

“Selangor is fortunate to have Gardenia setting up operations here. Other than being a clean and non-polluting investor, Gardenia has also created thousands of jobs,” said state executive councillor for industry and trade Teresa Kok.

Kok, who was present to launch the new factory last Friday, said Selangor recorded a total of RM8.7 billion in investment projects last year.

The figure was raised through 263 projects, making Selangor the second ranking state in the country behind Penang.

“We wish the best to Gardenia and would like to assure them of constant support from the various agencies and authorities in Selangor,” said Kok.

Joining her was Shah Alam member of Parliament Khalid Samad who was impressed by Gardenia’s “high sense of relationship with the society”.

“It’s wonderful that Gardenia provides fresh bread to about 60 charitable organisations everyday,” said Khalid.

These include orphanages, disabled homes, old folks homes and the less fortunate.

“They are also always ever ready to offer their support whenever we organise community events. Gardenia never lets us down as they provide free bread every time we ask,” he said.

Source : Selangor Times